Our mission here at Cybernaut Protocol is to bring you unbiased, honest reviews of gadgets & software, commentary on current news & trends, and digital assets related to our collective interests.

Meet the Team

Steven Trotter

Steven Trotter is the other half of the red-bearded duo here at Cybernaut Protocol.

I’ve worked with various agencies over my 20+ year career, specializing in design, branding, marketing and community engagement for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

My focus when it comes to the content here on Cybernaut Protocol is reviewing design & branding, photography & AV equipment, 3D printers, EDC (everyday carry such as knives, pens, lights, and more), drones, survival gear, and providing commentary about the trends & tools related to these industries.

I’m an avid Apple fanboy, while also appreciating quality, open-source solutions for my everyday tasks. Privacy & liberty are also constant concerns of mine, so I enjoy the challenge of learning how to navigate the ever-changing world we live in with those principles in mind.

3D modeling & printing, drone photography, woodworking, marksmanship, fishing, camping, hiking, and kayaking are things I get up to on the weekends.

Lee Quessenberry

Lee Quessenberry is a semi-professional cybernaut and co-founder of Cybernaut Protocol.

As a contributor to the Cybernaut Protocol, I take pride in reviewing gadgets, firearms, knives, tools, barbecue equipment, and survival gear. I also provide commentary on Bitcoin, 3D printing, liberty, and disruptive technology.

I am an advocate for open-source software and hardware. I am a proponent for the free flow of information and the right to speak freely. I constantly battle the rift between online privacy and sharing too much.

My hobbies include hunting, camping, the occasional video game, woodworking, and marksmanship.

My side hustles are custom web development, making and selling my family’s barbecue products, and selling tacky tee-shirts.