A Bright Solution for Offroading

Photo: Lee Quessenberry

I have been working to put some upgrades on my pickup truck and I wanted to start with a review of the Yitamotors Red 24″ LED Lightbar.

This little lightbar is stylish and extremely bright. I paired it with some hood mounts that don’t require any drilling and set it up on the back of my hood.

Unfortunately the mounts couldn’t stand up to the automatic carwash so I am going to have to re-attach them.

The light itself is durable. After taking a dive in the carwash, it is still burning bright. I haven’t had the chance to really do some off-road night time driving, but the few times I was on a gravel road at night it illuminated everything around me.

I have been spending a little time getting my pickup truck where I want it with upgrades. I will be writing a series of reviews to go over the products I have purchased and will be installing. Here is a list so far.