diodrio® EDC Leather Pocket Organizer: Three Month Review


This EDC pocket slip is made out of quality leather & stitching that ages well and easily withstands everyday use. Something that can be hard to find at such a low price point of $15. Yep, you heard that price right!

Photo: Cybernaut Protocol

Diodrio’s line of EDC pocket organizers is crafted using quality leather that ages well and easily withstands everyday use. The stitching is heavy-duty and I haven’t experienced a single fray after over 90 days of everyday usage. Something that can be hard to find at such a low price point of around $15 each.

This model doesn’t include a belt clip, but other models do. I prefer to carry my EDC in my pocket since I rarely wear a belt (something I admit would make things much easier at times on multiple fronts).

The pen holder fits a Fisher Space Pen perfectly, but larger pens, like my all-time favorite, the Cross Century Classic II with 10kt adornments, and other Fisher, Cross, or Parker models that I use. The Space Pen fits best by far for this model.

My current every day carries include three knives that fit like a glove in the Compact EDC version seen here – the CRKT Swindle (Ken Onion) & Jettison (Robert Carter), as well as Kershaw’s Leek (Ken Onion).

You can also carry your favorite EDC flashlight with most models. Compact EDC version supports smaller lights like the Streamlight 66608, the Olight i3T EOS, and even a budget light like the COAST G20 Inspection.


Weight: 2.4 ounces
Dimensions 4.1 x 0.1 x 4.1 inches
Color: Chestnut
Material Type: Premium Full Grain Leather
Expansion: 4.1 inches
Belt Clip: None
Size: Compact EDC

The Cons

Honestly, there’s nothing I can complain about and that is rare for me. A leather EDC pocket slip really only has one job to do, don’t tear up when someone actually every day carries it. After 90 days of use mine is only looking better, not worse.

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